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Through the looking glass (stage 1)600 viewsWho knows what inspired me here? I usually shy away from geometric shapes, but this time I have straight (well almost straight) lines!
This is only stage 1 of this statue, it has another piece to go on top, but I haven't persuaded my husband to put it there yet. So watch the space next to this picture.
Currently 3 pieces of stone pinned together, total height 1120mm
looking glass.jpg
Through the looking glass (Complete)614 viewsFinally after many months this statue is finally together. Murray thinks its the beginning of my 'crazy' stage. But I like it. It's fun and it makes me smile.
I've decided I want to keep this one so sorry its not for sale.
dark side of the moon.jpg
Dark side of the Moon870 viewsOK. I admit it. Pink Floyd did come to mind several times when I was making this. Another of my 'weird phase' as my husband puts it... But I had fun making it.
Four pieces pinned together standing about 1.5metres tall.
Outside of the Square659 viewsWhile making 'Eye of the Needle' I had a few other ideas pop into my head. This is the second statue in this series exploring shapes and shadow interaction... And yes, I had fun making this one!
Total height 1400 mm
When Lightning Strikes444 viewsHave you ever wondered what would happen if lightning strikes? What shapes would happen? What feelings happen?
I had my mum come over when I was making this one and say "It looks like someone's hair is standing up on end."
Well - maybe it is? Its up to you to interpret.
1.8m tall
Detail "Lightning Strikes"447 views
'Circles in the sand'620 viewsI was trying to think of an idea for a sculpture for an exhibition which was called "Point to point" for some reason the old join the dots (or dot to dot) came to mind. I did a row of dots and then thought it resembled Neptune's necklace - a seaweed I see on the beach sometimes... Then the patterns of wind and water came to mind - so this piece just evolved.
Queen to Pawn 7462 viewsWe treat the global warming issue like a game - thinking that we can play around with the environment in the hope of better economic outcomes - and then when this game is over and we've lost the game (our environment) we can put the pieces back on the board and start again.
The Queen piece (on left) shows the sun, its power distorted by growing industrial activity. The Pawn(on right)the flooding, slipping, melting of glaciers.
Queen 2345 viewsThe “Queen” piece uses symbols that represent the sun, the build up of greenhouse gases and rising temperatures caused by the increase of industrialization and man-made activity which neglects the natural environment.
Pawn 7364 viewsThe “Pawn 7” piece uses symbols representing land, water, erosion, and the melting glaciers caused by global warming
Eye of the Needle589 viewsI decided this was an important part of Queen 2 pawn 7 when I finished it. The other 2 pieces speak of the industrialization, pollution, and global warming and its effects. This piece shows the greed of man who stands and watches the destruction of the earth while doing nothing except make money. I also had the verse "Its easier for a camel to pass through the eye of a needle than a rich man to enter the kingdom of heaven".
1250mm tall
Don't Know611 viewsI was doodling when I made this. I began thinking about fish hooks, then dolphins and whales swimming in the ocean, and then vertibrae??? So I came up with something very unusual but soft and flowing with deep contrasting shadows.
1200mm tall on a 200mm tall base
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