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Tui birdbath2234 viewsWhen a friend saw my tui sundial she wanted a birdbath in a similar design... so I made her one. Initially it had a flax leaf design on the base like it has photographed here, but after further consideration I decided it looked better without a base, but with just the column and bowl. Now Tuis, along with other birds, drink and bathe in it daily in Vicky's garden.
Silver fern without fern fronds1875 viewsAnother view of silver fern statue (on next page) with central fronds removed.
If you click on these photos they will get bigger... enjoy
Henry on path1389 viewsWelcome to my place. I have heaps of my sculpture to show you - so sit back and enjoy.
silver fern.jpg
Silver fern - front view1337 views Represents a silver fern (tree fern) with two central unfurling fronds
statue made in four pieces- pinned together. Stands about 1.5m tall.
Nikau Palm1124 viewsStatue made in two pieces pinned together. Statue stands just over 2 metres tall and is VERY heavy!
I really like how light and shadows play on this piece. Sorry... Not for Sale
Beginnings1076 viewsFern fronds are a wonderous thing... they are the promise of growth and change... of beginnings.
Another of my holely statues. Statue about 80cm on a 45cm plinth.
Guardian1040 views Guardian: One of a pair for entrance way
Beginnings1037 viewsPhoto taken from down vista.
Statue 1.3m tall,
Fern fronds unfurling... more detailed photo next page
The Guardians1020 views The Guardians: a pair for entrance way, stylized fern. Stands about a metre high
Escape (back view)915 viewsThis piece of stone I've had around for a few years so is fairly aged looking, but just right for this sculpture. You see a grey block of stone from this angle, and if you walk around it, the lady will be revealed.
About 1.2m tall
New Beginnings909 viewsthe top piece of this statue is 1 metre tall, it sits on a plith (not fully shown in photo which is also about a metre tall). The flowing forms representthe unfurling of new fern fronds... new begininngs
Mamaku880 views1 metre tall, my first holely statue using a combination of the leaf of the mamaku tree fern and the unfurling fronds.
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